Environmental Noise

This section deals with environmental noise and our measurement and assessment services. Noise protection programmes differ from country to country. Legal requirements are not identical, techniques and methods differ, and political focus varies. However, there are common aspects to the work of all environmental noise officers.

-Planning new developments of residential areas, industrial sites, motorways, airports,

-Handling complaints from citizens, either during the planning process or afterwards

Assessing the compliance/non-compliance of noise sources (industrial plants, outdoor concerts, entertainment venues, airports, motorways, railroads following planning regulations and legislation.

Noise consultants are frequently tasked with:

-Conducting measurements in the field

-Assessing noise from specific sources

-Predicting noise levels

-Noise mapping noise levels

-Preparing reports

-Archiving and retrieving data

-Presenting evidence as an expert witness

These tasks are demanding, and considering the extent and significance of noise pollution, a proper understanding of the issues is required, not only from professionals working in the field.